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Angel Lynn:  Heaven Sent


Angel is awesome! I never would have gotten this house without her. She goes way out of her way to help you out. I owe her a great debt of gratitude.”—Terry H.


Jeffery Nevin had this to say after the successful purchase of a home with the help of Angel her brother and fellow Broker Rob from Westcoast Realty Group.

"What a brother sister combo.  You guys are awesome! The flowers you sent are in the sun window over the sink.  In the mornings I sit on the deck listening to the birds.  They live in the oak trees and appear to have a gossip network where they rat out the worms for the day.  It's so different from San Francisco, but I really like it out there.  Thanks to both of you!"



Lots of Realtors claim to go above and beyond for their clients. Few live the philosophy as fully as Angel Lynn. For Angel, helping her clients sell and buy real estate property in a smooth, hassle-free process is just the starting point for her service-oriented style and relationship-based approach.


Angel is a polished professional with an instinctive ability and a natural talent for understanding her clients’ needs and desires while grasping the realities of the market. She is an intuitive matchmaker, able to price a home to meet market challenges and to help buyers find the house they will be eager to call home.  Angel has most recently been recognized as Sacramento's short sale specialist. 


When Relationships Count Most

It’s the person, the family and the bond of trust that matters most to Angel, not the deal. She will stop a transaction before she will allow her clients to make a decision that isn’t right for them. 


“Angel was really honest. She would tell the truth, even if it hurt the sale. She turned us away from houses that she thought were bad.”   
-Brian C.


When Listing a Property
Angel’s “above and beyond” commitment means she will do much more than “price it right.” She will employ creative marketing strategies like holding seminars for buyers and investors to make sure your house sells in any market environment. These strategies have made her a top producer since her first year in real estate. 


Angel’s buyers also get special treatment.  When you move into your new home, Angel helps you host a housewarming, and she even brings the main dish.


Achieving Balance

Angel’s commitment to your success includes a deep commitment to her own family and community.  Her passion for her real estate career and her boundless energy give her the skill to balance the needs of her two young children with those of her clients.


Angel understands your need to feel like a real human being rather than a number on a sales tote board. She answers that need with the kind of genuine caring and warmth that form the basis of an ongoing, trust-based relationship. Her knowledge, talent and passion for being a Realtor will put you in a strong position to find the right buyer, the right seller and the right home.

A confident and gentle leader, Angel has been able to build a strong team to support Angel Lynn Realty. She has attracted a team as committed to client service and client care as she is. This team is dedicated to building its business by referral only.


When you are ready to work with a Realtor who considers “above and beyond” status quo, call Angel Lynn and watch your home selling and buying dreams come true with the Realtor who is heaven sent. 

Angel Lynn
Broker/Owner, REO Director, CDPE, NRBA, AREAA
Office: (916) 443-1445
email: angel@angellynn.com